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Gareth’s thoughts on Team Men.

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Hi Paul,
I just wanted to send you a few words to say how much I appreciate these training sessions.

I was in a space where I had fallen out of love with exercise and my health and weight were spiralling out of control.

You and team4men has pulled me out of the doldrums and lit that fire in my belly again, I am thoroughly enjoying being back in the gym again and training with a great bunch of guys.

I’ll be honest I had a lot of anxiety stepping back into the gym and that all faded after 5mins.

This was exactly what I needed! So thank you Paul, thank you for dreaming this up and thank you for allowing me to be a part a great team.


Cheers guys your support is immense, honestly even though I have been a physical presence in this group for a week or 2, just being part of this group has been a massive help in getting me through the last 2 weeks so kudos to Paul Connor⁩ on that one as I believe that was one of his main objectives in creating this kind of environment. Just seeing different daily posts on here and fb help keep a positive mindset and I think things would of been a lot different had I not been a part of the TE4M so cheers guys


Thanks for the message chief – very much enjoying the sessions and never lifted as many kettlebells in my life . Helping me keep a routine . Focusing on exercise , good food and sleep . My weekends are now about moderation . Had a good weekend just gone and I know my weakness . Thanks to you for keeping me and everyone going in these challenging times


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