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TEAM MEN is a fitness programme designed to get you to take back control of your life.

For decades, we have been conned by the fitness industry into believing that showing up to a big shiny corporate gym and wandering from machine to machine to focus on different body parts is the answer to our quest of achieving 6 pack abs and biceps as big as Popeye’s forearms!

We have been told to follow routines like “chest day, leg day, arms day” and while that training system can work very well for some – usually 16-25 year olds with a ton of time on their hands and no pressures other than to look trendy and pull a girl at the weekend – it is a system that fails to motivate, stimulate, excite and ultimately leave a man feeling like he deserves reward.

It is for this reason that we often find ourselves looking elsewhere for excitement. Booze, cigarettes, drugs, caffeine, sugar, gambling and porn are all areas we might dabble in from time to time but when we are turning to them too frequently for pleasure then the consequences can be very destructive.

fitness for men

The TEAM MEN fitness programme turns conventional, low quality, low effect, non stimulating gym based routines and classes on their head and allows a man to be what he was designed to be: a hunter, provider, protector and someone who has confidence in his appearance and his abilities.

How does it do that? By training the whole body as one unit and training it with intensity. Think about how human beings evolved! We pulled, pushed, dragged, carried, threw, sprinted, punched, kicked and fought our way through war, famine, drought and pestilence all to make sure we produced the next healthy generation. We didn’t do it by bouncing up and down slowly on a cross trainer for 20 minutes while counting calories! Everything we did in the way of being active felt so great that we were overjoyed with being alive and that is precisely what is missing now.

By working together with men just like you, we create a routine that allows us to strive for a common goal; to feel alive and excited by the exercise we are doing which as a result puts us in a far better position to make better choices elsewhere.

After attending six times over the first two weeks of your TM membership you will have more energy. You will sleep better, feel better, have more confidence and be stronger, faster and fitter than you have been in a good while – possibly ever! Plus, if you follow our guidance on what and how to eat then you will drop body fat too!

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