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What is the format?

The format is you will train in a group with “approximately” 9 other men. I say approximately as you can attend every day if you want but we don’t recommend it as the training is too intense and that is whatever level you are at!

Am I fit enough to participate?

If you can move your arms and legs and are pain free with most movement then you are able to participate. You work to your own level. The system of training is designed so that nobody gets left behind or exposed.

What does it cost?

£165 or £195 per month – see Prices. It is a rolling monthly membership that you can decide to leave at anytime. All we ask is one month’s notice if you do not want to renew.

Do I need any equipment?

To begin with you will need one kettlebell. Due to COVID, kettlebells are scarce at the moment so if you have one great. If you don’t, we should be able to source you one depending on what weight you need.

Why are the vast majority of sessions online?

Convenience. The world is changing and it is no longer necessary to be a member of a big gym in order to get fit. Most of our members even prefer working out at home in the morning before work instead of driving to a gym. It means they get more done in a day!

Are home workouts inferior to gym workouts?

The short answer is no. In the beginning we were sceptical but the results have proven them to be equally and in a lot of cases even better than gym sessions. They are fast, intense and thoroughly rewarding. You are more than welcome to try one before you commit.

Kettlebell usage requires skill. What if I don’t know how to use one?

Before you begin your sessions we will send you a video of 20 exercises for you to study before we begin. If you need further tuition, you can always book some private coaching.

What if I’m not performing the moves properly in the session?

The numbers are such that you will be looked after. Not as much as in a one to one personal training session but definitely enough to make sure you succeed.

What does a session look like?

What typically happens is an extensive mobility and pulse raising warm up followed by a resistance training session using a kettlebell and your body weight. Your whole body will be trained in different planes of motion in the fitness components of strength, speed, power, stamina and endurance. Each day the session will be different.

Why is it groups of men only?

After years of studying and watching people train together in groups, the observations show that men work harder when they are together. When women and children are present they ‘gear down’ and do not push themselves hard enough to reach their full potential. You will work harder and achieve better results in an all male setting.

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