I didn’t want to use the word ‘Gym’ in the title but I did because the world is still, in the main, fixed on the old model. The old model which doesn’t work. It doesn’t work and it is working even less as it will inevitably come to an end.
I refer to the model of the big corporate gym facility that sees a large building full of shiny equipment looking impressive. Equipment that is relatively simple to use and allows you little room for error or injury thus reducing insurance claims.
It’s coming to an end because people are dissatisfied. Look at the faces of the people who use them if you want a clue as to whether they are satisfied or not. The average look is one of boredom and of being there because they have to, not because they WANT to.
The big corporate gym facility does work well for some people and they benefit well from it. People that know what they are doing, enjoy what they are doing and who follow a plan to keep them at the level they are or improve themselves. For those people the big gym is good and great value for money. But it is not those people who fund the business. It is the ‘sleepers’ who put the money in the bank. The ‘sleepers’ of course are the ones who are members but don’t attend.
The average price of a gym membership is about £25 per month and that is because we can on average afford to waste £25 a month. £25 down the toilet is not going to prevent us from going to the pub as often as we like or from smoking, taking drugs or eating junk food. We keep the membership because it falsely has us believe that by being a member of a gym, we are actually achieving something. We most definitely are not of course and if you are a sleeper you will know that all too well.
If the only option available to me to keep my fitness high was membership of a big corporate shiny gym then I’d probably pay £175 a month. I would pay that because I know what I’m doing and I know how to get a result.
So in answer to the question, what should you expect for the price of your gym membership? If you are a sleeper then I’d say you should expect peace of mind that you are at least thinking about your fitness. That is all. Don’t expect to see results!
Now if we look at this from the opposite side, we could ask – if you want to see results, what should you expect to pay? Well what do you need in order to achieve results? Knowledge, equipment, a facility, structure, motivation, accountability and discipline are some of the things you’ll need and they of course cost money, both in the form of tangible objects you can visit or own and in the form of needing somebody’s time to help you.
So what’s that going to cost? £25 a month? Good luck finding all that for £25 a month. As with absolutely everything in life, if you want something that is valuable and important to you, you are going to have to pay for it. The difficulty with the health and fitness game is once you hand over your money you don’t receive what you want in a carrier bag. You have to pay for it and then work for it!
It is here that you have to decide what it is you want. If you are a sleeper do you want to kid yourself something might happen? If so, I urge you to cancel your £25 a month membership immediately. There – I’ve just saved you £300 per year! I don’t even want a cut of it either.
Or if you want a result, you’ve got some thinking to do. How are you going to pay because possibly you may have to change your lifestyle to accommodate the new expense? You will have to forego something, whether it is investing in stocks or shares or cutting back on Marlboro and Stella Artois. Whatever it is, you are going to remove spending on one thing and replace that with spending on you. And it can be scary because you’re taking a punt on whether it will work or not.
At the beginning I mentioned the old model which is on its way out. The new model is not facility based but service based. You are able join a “fitness club” where you don’t walk around aimlessly on your own, counting calories in a soulless environment. With the new model you get to be part of a club, a team, a family. You make friends you become accountable to. You show up when you say you will whether that’s online or in the gym. You work hard because you have told others you are going to. You set yourself a challenge with others and work at it together. You achieve and you feel good about your self. You see results!
This is what we do at TEAM MEN everyday.
Now what’s that worth to you? In my view, you can’t put a price on those feelings but if you want to know what I think then have a look here. https://www.team-men.com/prices/
If you get results from whatever it is you are doing then crack on. I cannot question your approach. If you don’t get results but would like to then don’t think the old model is the only way because it isn’t.
There is a NewOrder.