You will naturally feel more energised by working out and eating healthy. This can be further optimised by natural medicine and supplements. Here, we will dive into just how these can benefit your lives and assist you in your health journey.


It’s important to note that you should seek advice from your general practice doctor, holistic doctor, naturopath for any natural therapies. While there are benefits, just like with anything, there is a potential to have too much which can have dangerous efx




There are various brands out there that now stock supplements which include multiple different ingredients proven to boost energy levels. You can find these by simply searching energy capsules. Of course, these are essentially a one stop shop but you can also create your own concoction by taking a few different supplements each day. This could include iron, creatine and L-theanine.


Pre-workout is an obvious supplement to take before working out, but helps to remember it may not be suitable for everyone. Take notice on whether you get the jitters, feel anxious or struggle to sleep. You can opt for alternative natural supplements to assist with energy. 


To balance out your levels if you are lacking 


If you are lacking in certain vitamins or other elements such as iron, working out and healthy foods won’t be enough for energy. Regardless of the food you consume, your routine and how much you move, you will always feel run down. This is common if you are lacking in iron or Vitamin B. The first step is to get your bloods done every so often to ensure everything is at a healthy level. If they aren’t, your doctor, holistic doctor or naturopath will tell you the next steps – you may need the likes of a specific iron pills or a Vitamin B shot. It’s quite common for people to feel exhausted, only to discover they are iron deficient. 




If you don’t require prescribed medication, natural therapies from a naturopath is proven to help boost your immune system and general health and wellbeing. Think magnesium, Vitamin C, zinc. These are all daily pills you can take which help you to prevent catching bugs when you come into contact with them. It is inevitable that you will come across bugs, however, your immunity is what will determine whether or not you get ill. For instance, Vitamin C triggers neutrophil migration towards the infection while amplifying oxidant and phagocytosis generation, as well as microbial killing. 


Pain relief


General paracetamol is commonly used for pain relief, however, daily use and reliance on  paracetamol can be dangerous. It also may not work to relieve your pain if you are seriously struggling. If this is the case, the first step would be to go to your doctors, holistic doctors, naturopath or physio. Pain is a signal that something in your body is not functioning as it should. There will be deeper issues and this may be easily fixed through the right treatment. Natural pain relief is often used to help cope with pain in the meantime or for chronic pain and has sometimes been able to relieve pain that general pain relief hasn’t.


Olivia Fairhurst is a content manager for Advanced Natural Medicine, holistic doctor naturopaths who focus on natural therapies in Auckland NZ.