Now, we all want to feel good within ourselves and show our best self to the outside world. However, busy lifestyles and lack of motivation can act as barriers to reach our goals of being the healthiest version of ourselves. This is common and shouldn’t be something to feel shame in. Here, we will go into our top tips to boost your motivation and reach your goals!

Set measurable goals

We all may have the same overarching goal of improving our healthy lifestyle. However, you will need to take a look into the specifics of this and set smaller intentions which will lead you to the end goal. This could include working out five times a week or going into a calorie deficit by having set meal plans for 8 weeks. Or, you may have a goal weight. Determine your goals and write them down. Each day, remind yourself of what your goal is and follow through. These small every day steps will help to lessen the feeling of overwhelm which can often demotivate us.

Determine a routine that works for you

It’s important to note the start of any big changes in your life will be difficult. The element that helps to reduce this and psychologically enables your body to adjust is routine. If you know that you will put off going to the gym after work, then choose to set your alarm for earlier. On the other end of the spectrum, if you know you are not an early morning person, you may find you need to have pre-workout in the afternoon and then head to the gym after work. While you will generally have an idea of the type of person you are, it will also take trial and error. For instance, if you find you don’t have the energy to cook the meal plans, you may want to bulk cook for a few days or even for a full couple of weeks and freeze meals.

Hold yourself accountable

It can be easy to fall off the bandwagon and skip some days because well, no one will know right? It can be easy to convince yourself it won’t make a difference to your overall lifestyle. This is where accountability comes into play. Holding yourself accountable can come in many forms. It could be that you don’t allow yourself to sit down and watch your favourite show until you finish your daily tasks. Telling people about your goals is often an effective technique. This will automatically give you an incentive to follow the routine.

Listen to your body

To be motivated, you need rest time. Ensure you get your full 7-9 hours of sleep. If your body is telling you to have a rest day earlier than you planned then listen. Burning yourself out and getting ill will only cause you to have to put your plans on hold altogether.

With these tips on hand, you will have the tools to enable a daily routine which motivates you to reach a healthier lifestyle. Remind yourself we are all unique and while one technique works for someone else, it may not work for you. You have your own personal goals and your only competition is your former self.

Olivia is a Content Manager for DocSmart, a document management system software company.

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